What is identity theft protection?

 Identity theft protection from CreditHub offers a peace of mind by providing you with monitoring and recovery services. This monitoring service will watch for tell-tale signs that indicate a breach in your security or when your personal information has been stolen. Thieves come in all shapes and sizes and can steal more than purses and T.V’s, unfortunately. Your identity such as social security information, driver’s license, credit cards, and loans, are all items that an identity thief can steal from you.

The bad guy doesn’t get to win when you choose to work with CreditHub and their team of certified credit advisors. Identity theft is a serious issue that can cascade into a series of life altering problems for you. As an associated partner of LifeLock, CreditHub provides a full identity theft and notification service with a main goal in giving you peace of mind.

Credit Monitoring

With credit report monitoring, CreditHub is able to watchguard new loans or credit cards opened in your name, debt collector requests, legal judgments, and other personal information. 

Identity Monitoring

Identity monitoring will alert you of theft such as social security, driver’s license or medical ID information. CreditHub will check a database and collect information to verify new or inaccurate personal information.