It can be difficult to reestablish credit after negative marks have impacted your score, but it can be done and CreditDocs can help! CreditHub is located in Atlanta, Georgia and offers an exclusive service for clients in need of credit restoration help.


Beginning with a full credit score anlysis, an expert credit restoration specialist will obtain your full credit overview from each of the three credit bureaus. Through a proprietary internet portal, you’ll be able to obtain this information whenever you need so that you can track you progress.

Once you join the CreditHub team, your credit restoration specialist will act on your behalf, disputing and potentially settling with credit companies. This process of disputing will help in settling these negative marks affecting your credit score. Because of Credit Doc’s experience and training within the industry, they’re often able to settle for pennies of the dollar or remove negative marks completely from your history

Do you want to know how to repair a credit score that has negative marks?

With guidance from a credit repair specialist, you’ll be advised on general credit repair strategies and learn how to improve your credit score moving forward.

Debt Management

Advisement on debt management is an excellent way to start focusing on the future so that you can build the better life you deserve. Buy learning from the expert credit restoration specialists, you’ll be better prepared to prevent future credit issues from occuring and make the right decisions.



  • Bankruptcy Counseling
  • Inquiry Removal
  • Budget & Credit Counseling
  • Homeowner Compliance Checklists
  • Positive Credit Building Coaching
  • 24/7 Portal Access

In order to be successful in personal credit restoration, you need help from a knowledgeable and talented advisor. CreditHub is your local credit repair expert in Atlanta, ready to assist you in rebuilding credit scores after negative marks have impacted your personal credit score.