An up-close shot of a businessman calling to verify a credit inquiry to begin a removal letter if neccessary.

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Authorized and Unauthorized Credit Inquiries

Credit inquiries do not adversely affect your credit score, but if care is not taken, it can lower it by some points. If you authorized any credit inquiry, you might not be able to dispute it or have it removed from your report. There are instances when credit inquiries are carried out without your authority. You can challenge and have unauthorized credit inquiries removed by drafting a credit inquiry removal letter.

Ways of Removing a Credit Inquiry from your Credit Report

It is important to contact the lending entity that reported the inquiry to make them aware of your dispute. If the lending company is willing to remove the inquiry from your credit report before it reaches the credit bureaus, the decision hastens the entire process.

Also, you can remove credit inquiry from your report by writing a credit inquiry removal letter. Before writing the credit inquiry removal letter, you need to have your credit report because it helps you in highlighting the specific inquiry. You need to include a photocopy of the report with your letter so that the credit bureaus identify the particular inquiry that you want them to investigate.

The credit bureaus have 30 days to get back to you without which the inquiry is removed from your credit report. You can confirm online, by mail or phone to confirm that your letter and the necessary attachments reach the intended recipients.

When you include too much information on your letter, it shortens the process and minimizes any chances of derailment. If you become aggressive in your letter, the bureaus may resolve your situation fast.

Below is a template of a credit inquiry removal letter that has all the features to make the bureaus resolve your case.

{client’s first and last name}
{client address}
{client previous address, if any}

{bureau address}

{current date}

RE: Request for Investigation of Unauthorized Inquiry

To Whom It May Concern,

I checked my personal credit report, which I acquired from your organization on (INSERT DATE OF REPORT) and I noticed that this unauthorized inquiry had been made:

{dispute item and explanation}

I contacted (CREDITOR/FURNISHERS NAME), who placed the inquiry, and asked them to remove their credit inquiry from my credit profile. I also asked them to cease their illegal activities immediately, but to date there have been no responses from their office. Since sending the letter more than 30 business days ago, they have failed to respond and honor my request.

Therefore, I must request your help in resolving this matter. In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I request you immediately initiate an investigation into this inquiry on my credit report to determine who authorized the inquiry. If, once your investigation is complete, you find my allegation to be true, please remove the unauthorized inquiry from my credit report and send me an updated copy of my credit report at my address listed above. If you do find the inquiry referenced above to be valid, I request that you please send me a full description of the procedures used in your investigation within 15 business days of the completion of the investigation.

Thank you for your help and assistance.



{first and last name}

In case your letter is ignored, prepare for another dispute. Also, you can hire a professional in credit repair to follow up on the dispute and to help identify different opportunities to improve your score.

If the process sounds hectic, it is advisable to contact Credit Hub to act on your behalf in the process of removing credit inquiries on your credit report.